To Dream

I am not sure what feels more real anymore.
The dream or the nightmares.

There was a time when I had made it. Steady work,
a home, a family.
There was a time when I lost myself. Work first,
family second, nothing left for me.
My dreams, my nightmares.

Now is the time where I find myself. All the
time is for me.
This is how I do my time. No work, no home, no family.

I tried not to sleep. I didn’t like what my
brain had to say.
I became addicted to what it could offer me. Now
I sleep all day.
More dreams, more nightmares.

My mind is filled with memories of how it had been.
My mind is filled with a thousand thoughts of how
it should have been.
Now they mix together, competing to define who I am.
Those dreams and nightmares.
How do you see me? My past, my present, that
whih I could be.
In your dreams or your nightmares.

Both feel real to me.
The dreams and the nightmares.