WOOHOO! I went to yard this morning even though it was chilly and the sun hadn’t popped out from behind the clouds yet. I did my (now) usual blind mirror long form taiji but, as usual, I made some errors and my kicks were not as stable as they could/should have been. After lunch the sun was out and we had our second yard so I decided to go out and get some sunshine. I had already done the blind mirror long form so I decided to just do the long form normally and focus on doing it perfectly and slowly. I listened to some classical music on KUCV and reeeeeeaaaaalllly paid attention to each step and each shift. I really enjoyed myself. It took 37 min. 7 sec. to do the whole form; a personal record by at least 2 min. *cheer*

This afternoon I read more from The Innovators and I hope to finish it tonight since there isn’t that much on TV in which I’m interested. The part I just finished reading before dinner was about the birth of blogging. How appropriate. *smile* Justin Hall (not Heist *grin*) was the first blogger in 1994 and he was from Illinois. He was willing to push the boundaries of Too Much Information which became a hallmarkof blogging according too the biographer Isaacson. Hall said “good telling of human stories is the best way to keep the Internet and the World Wide Web from becoming a waste vastland.” I hope these blog is in some small part helping to keep the Web from becoming a “waste vasland.” *smile* The blogging platform Blogger was created in 1999 by Ev Williams who was born Nebraska in 1972, attended UNL in 1991 (while I was attending) and moved to San Francisco sometime before 1999 (I moved to SF in 1998). How did I never run into him? *chuckle* He went on to cofound Twitter also. I’d be happy if my community forum for friends, family and former inmates catches on in NE. LOL!

I was thinking about the Toastmasters experience from Thursday and I came to a conclusion. I really enjoyed delivering my speech and a big part of that was the positive response from the other guys. I want to try and share that feeling with the others by being very positive and encouraging during and after meetings. Everyone could learn to love public speaking if the experience is pleasant. *smile*