Today was a pretty day outside. Clear blue sky and nice and warm so it was nice to walk around the yard. I tried to relax and listen to classical music on the radio and just quietly walk around the yard in never ending circles but of course I wasn’t left in peace. At first Dennis walked with me which was ok, he’s my cellie after all. But then Teen Wolf (I just found out his name is Michael) came and walked and talked. We share a similar interest in Fantasy Lit, he borrowed and read The Magician’s from me but I don’t really want to surround myself with all the geeks because yesterday this new painfully skinny guy named Josh walked with me around the yard and rattled off anime he was into. I’m a geek magnet! *sigh*


Paul, the tall black guy in cell 7, is getting worse. They changed his meds and he’s getting more and more manic and hyperactive. He came up to me towards the end of yard and just talked non-stop and wouldn’t allow any interruption. *shakes his head* And I’m not the only one who’s patience is wearing thin. At every meal for the past 2 days he’s been frantically walking around, instead of eating, trying to sell his tray for envelopes. He apparently promised someone some meals for paper but given he has no short-term memory he never gave them the meals. Today there was some misunderstanding between him and one of the Latino group and a fight nearly broke out in the shower over it. He’s a powder keg in a candle factory and when he blows the guards are going to have to clean it up so I hope they take some simple preventative measures and tell the psyc to put him back on whatever he was on before.


Today I had to replace the first set of batteries in the MP4 player so if I keep at this pace I’ll go through 2 sets a week and I didn’t even transcribe any old journals today or yesterday. I’ll have to pace myself so as to not burn through more batteries because I’m only allowed to purchase 2 sets a week.


I tried calling McK several times tonight but got no answer. Since he’s approved I want him to come with mom and dad on Friday but that will require him waking up early. I’d really like to see, hug and kiss him.