Happy Cinco de Mayo. *smile* Mike (Colorado) is actually getting married in here today. They’re doing it right now (11AM) in visiting. He and 2 other inmates, as witnesses, ate early, got dressed in their best khakis and went to visiting where the ceremony will be held. I can’t think of a much more depressing place to get married but I suppose they’re bringing their own joy. They don’t even get to have pictures of the ceremony taken let alone consummate the marriage, no conjugal visits in NE. I wonder how corrections (NDCS) would handle a same-sex marriage let alone if 2 inmates wanted to marry. LOL!




Tonight I called McK since I’ll be talking to mom for 3 hrs tomorrow. I really enjoy hearing his voice. I just wish I could be out there for him. He and Justin were in Justin’s car yesterday and they got pulled over…by 2 cop cars…and the second cop came to the passenger window and ask to see McK’s ID too. Why did it take 2 squad cars and why did they have to check McK’s ID when he clearly wasn’t driving? I, like him, suspect that it had to do with his race but when he said that to Justin, my cousin blew up at him for over-reacting and being childish. Ok, so Justin had just received a ticket and was probably pissed off so it might not have been the best time for McK to raise the issue of how they treated him but on Justin’s part it never helps, or even goes well, if you call someone immature. I told McK that he should eventually talk to Justin about what happened rather than let it fester. I hope he decides to because if he and Justin have a falling out both of them will end up being more distant from me. *sigh* I hate being locked up and completely impotent to affect things on the outside. That is perhaps the second hardest thing about incarceration to deal with, right after the actual physical separation.


On a positive note I got to watch and episode of Legends of Tomorrow though I was a bit lost having missed 4 episodes. And I got to watch 30 min of The 100…and I was even more lost. Hahaha One benefit of going to max custody, I’ll be in a cell and be able to get a TV. LOL