Oh, the spring frame bunk is much easier on my hips than the solid metal plate. I’m too skinny I guess, my hips would always press through the mattress and into the plate which would lead to both my hips being sore. In CA I would sleep with this piece of egg-crate foam I managed to acquire right under my hips but I don’t have that here so I’ll stick to the spring frame.




It has been quite chilly in our unit for over a week but today it has been down right wintery. Jacobs’s breath left condensation on the cell door window ad I’ve had to resort to wearing m coat OVER my sweatshirt over my dress shirt over my tee shirt…and that’s with the vent in the cell blocked. Plus I’m not allowed to wear the coat to the dayroom and we can’t even wear the sweatshirt to chow. *brrr*


On the up-side today the CO (Johnson, but we call him Music Man because of his music themed tattoos) inspected our cell and not only did he not find any contraband and he gave us an “excellent” for sanitation but he also wrote “Room is in GREAT condition.” And he said he rarely says that. With only 3 of us in there I’ve been able to organize it and clean it well. I’m glad to see a CO recognize the effort but really I do it for myself because I have to live here. LOL


I’ve spent most of the day reading The Atlantic and starting the Scientific American. I keep reading articles I want to share with different people. For instance the article in SA agreeing with a proposed ban that the AMA put out last Nov. on direct-to-consumer ads for drugs. Or the article in The Atlantic on how the best predictor of success isn’t innate ability but rather “grit.” I wanted to send that to McK. I may ask jackson what he plans on doing with the magazines and if I can cannibalize them for letter material when he’s done. *smile*


I received a big envelope of articles from dad in the mail today. It contained 2 articles on “jury nullification” (one of which is quite lengthy and academic) and one commissioned report on how NE can reduce the prison overpopulation. The report is from 2015 and I believe the legislature has already started implementing some of the suggestions, like decreasing the number of inmates who “jam” their sentence (serve their full sentence without being paroled) so they have no post-incarceration supervision. One statistic I picked out of their data was that between 2004-2014 only 12% of sex-offenders were granted parole before they jammed. Not very good odd So I’ll more than likely serve 14 rather than 7 yrs. I’ve been trying to imagine how crushing it will be to have to get my hopes up each time I go before the parole board for the last 7 years just to get denied. I can sympathize with Bill having to go up for parole every 3-5 yrs in Cali…for the rest of his life.


My parents are traveling to get their “new” (to them) Airstream motor home this weekend so instead of calling them I’ll called McK and his phone was working again *cheer* He was out at Dillard’s shopping with Justin. It was great to hear his sweet voice and get to talk to him directly. I miss him a lot. I asked him to send some pictures of himself and he said he would as long as I promised not to get off to them. LOL I ask how much privacy does he think I have because it’s not enough for that. *chuckle* At one point he mentioned that Justin hadn’t fully moved into my room yet because he, McK, was still sleeping in my bed “until he gets over me.” Ouch! I understand what he meant but the phrasing punched me in the gut.