We had early yard today from 8-9AM and I spent almost all of it doing taiji. I did the 37 and then the 27, to make sure I remembered it, and then the long form nice and slowly. I’ve pretty much customized my whole unit to me doing taiji in the gym so none of them said anything but I was a little worried the other yard that can see us would start hooting and hollering again. There weren’t that many of them out so I took a chance and it paid off. None of them made any noise or said anything. A few stopped to watch for a while but that’s all. Since there’s much more space on the yard (though it’s still pretty small, a square with 75′ per side) I’m going to continue practicing out there even if the other yard makes a commotion from time to time. Just so long as the guards don’t tell me to stop.


The fight last night was pretty serious though short I hear. Some young guy had words over basketball with an older guy who has a long sentence, like 50 yrs. The old guy figured he had nothing to loose so he hauled off and hit the younger guy knocking him out and breaking his jaw. Then to hide him from the COs he dragged the kid into the bathroom and left him there (or beat him some more depending on whom you ask). They had to take the younger guy out to a hospital. I’m surprised we weren’t still on lockdown today but I’m glad we weren’t.