So it is pretty common after lock down for the night for this place to turn into a zoo. By that I mean a bunch of the younger guys get bored and start making animal noises. Cat, dogs, cows, sheep, monkeys, you name it. And that will go on for an hour sometimes. It makes me reconsider how evolved the human race really is. LOL


This evening I got the kite back from the warden about special visits. I had cited the visiting rules for DEC which clearly support my case that there is no 1/mo limit on special visits for someone who hasn’t yet been approved. His response was “Typically Special Visits are limited to once per month unless unusual circumstances warrant an extra visit.” No reference to the rules HE signed. Just basically “I say so.” I guess wardens are the same here as in CA. Nothing like being the absolute authority over their little fiefdom to promote tyranny and the lack of respect for even their own rules.