We had first breakfast today, before B side, and afterwards I got to lie on my bunk and listen to NPR. Having an $8 radio makes so much difference. It makes the time so much easier…though it hasn’t even been 2 weeks yet. *chuckle*


When we got day-room I decided to try a morning shower and to my surprise, and pleasure, there was moderately warm water. That was the first shower I could truly call comfortable since I got to D&E so I took a little longer (but not too long because there was a line waiting to enjoy the warm water too). Then Dennis and I swept and mopped the cell. Jacobs and Jeff didn’t seem to have a regular cleaning schedule so I’ve started doing it every other day. Most importantly I spray and wipe down the toilet. With 4 guys pissing in it (we try to use the toilet in the shower room to crap) the inevitable splashing would quickly lead to an awful urinal smell in the cell so we have to keep that clean. Some inmates, especially the Latinos or lifers, get very compulsive about cleaning their living space but every other day is enough for me.


I’ve also started to hang the baseball cap that I got off canteen over the air vent to block some of the airflow because it’s still colder inside our unit than it was outside at 8AM yard. The COs will yell at me if they see it but the only other option is to stay under our blanket all day. So far no CO has said anything. Now I kind of regret having cleaned out the vent and improved its airflow when I first got here but it was hot and stuffy then. Just like a farmer, I’m never satisfied with how things are LOL.




Well this was the Sunday where we didn’t have day-room in the afternoon so we were locked in our cells for a longer stretch than usual mid-day today. I took the opportunity to do some Yin yoga again but afterwards I was on my bunk and noticed some spots on the wall so I got the rag we use to wipe off the sink and toilet and the (contraband) cup of cleaner that we keep and I began cleaning the walls right around my bunk. Since I sit up against them often I thought it would be a good idea to clean them with the disinfectant cleaner we had because who knows who all had done what on the walls or when the last time they were cleaned. Jeff jokingly commented that there were 3 other walls once I was done so after I got my bunk area clean I continued around the cell and cleaned all the other walls. It had 3 benefits: 1. I cleaned the walls. 2. It kept me busy. 3. I kept me warm. LOL Once I was done and had cleaned the rag I used some plastic spoons to secure the rag in front of the vent to try and block the chilly air from blowing in. *smile* Except Jeff, who apparently has ice in his veins is making comments about it because he wants the cold air especially a night when he sleeps. The rest of us are very happy with it though.


I got to talk with mom, dad, Justin and McK this evening. It’s good to talk to them and it’s the only way I can hear McK’s voice since his phone is off. *pout* I guess mom put Justin and McK to work in the garden planing bulbs today. I am surprised, impressed and happy that Justin is sort of taking over for me with my parents. I’m glad he’s there for them and that McK is still coming over; he’s become part of the family. *smile* And I’m sure it is helping mom cope with the immediate shock of my absence. The house isn’t as quiet as it would be otherwise.


I’m relaxing and listening to Music From The Hearts of Space. *big smile* Good night.