Yesterday I was able to make a free 1 min call to both mom and dad. Today I figured out how to get through using credits they bought yesterday. They had put money on each of their phone numbers rather than putting money on my account so I could call whomever I want which meant that I had to call them collect again. Now that I’ve figured that out I can call them at least, up to 15 min a day. I’ve also started to get emails. My first one was from Justin but I’ve received 2 from dad so far too. McK has been in my contacts since Wednesday and I’ve emailed him but nothing back yet. I hope he’s doing OK. This morning Roz, Ken and Galen were also in my contacts so I sent them each a short greeting.


My cellie, Jeff, just got his MP4 player and keyboard. It is a reasonably sized keyboard though I’m sure it will take some getting used to as I’ve never used a rollable keyboard before. The hardest part will be reading the text off the small MP4 player’s screen. I’ll miss my big 23″ monitor. LOL! Tonight I’ll put in the order for my MP4 player. I hope it doesn’t take a month to get.




I got my first laundry back today. Yay! It was the one set of clothing they gave us at admissions that I wore for 2 day before they gave me more. I guess I’m settling in, whether for better or worse. Oh, and yesterday at breakfast as I stood up to leave the table I noticed that I tapped the table with both fists before standing. The other guys were looking at me like “Why are you doing that?” It was an old habit from the CA prison system. My old bunky, Bill, had taught me that you never get up from a chow hall table without announcing it first or the other inmates might think you’re making a move on them and you could start a fight. Here in NE that’s apparently not the custom so I’m hoping that means it’s a softer system. LOL. So far that’s a true statement. Jacobs, the Hispanic cellie told me that they do that as his table though.