Since it rained overnight we don’t get yard this morning so instead I’ll write a bit about my dreams last night. I don’t usually remember my dreams but I woke up several times throughout the night and was able to remember the latest dream so I started reviewing them each time to try and retain them. The first time I woke up I had been in a large warehouse type building. I don’t recall the beginning of the dream but just before waking up I was walking through the empty building with KK and we entered a walled off section at the back. When we turned a corner around a dividing wall it turned out to be an art studio space that McK and KK were sharing. It was filled with his beautiful painting and streaming sunlight. *smile* That made me happy.


I fell asleep again and the next time I woke up I was helping someone that was a lot like, but not quite, Phil Bader, an old friend from when I worked at the Cornhusker Hotel. We were preparing a presentation on a big shiny stone that had engravings on it. We were presenting a translation of the engravings which turned out to be a poem that his deceased father used to like. Weird. I haven’t seen Phil in over 18 years but I’ve been thinking of him recently as I read Godless because he saw something of an amateur biblical scholar.


I went back to sleep again and the last time I woke up it was 6AM, just before breakfast. When I woke up I was in the middle of a quasi-legal hearing but it was in a conference room like at a hotel with folding tables, etc. I guess I was being sued by Todd White, my first boyfriend, over something about our relationship. They were scouring my emails looking for something that they didn’t find and my “defense” was to bring up all the people who would marry me including, but apparently not limited to, Roz and McK. I have no idea who all the others were. LOL


It was a long day in the cell with no yard due to rain and we lost some dayroom due to maintenance being in the unit. I can’t complain too much though, I’ve got some pretty laid back cellies. I called and talked to mom and dad tonight but McK wasn’t there. He injured his knee and didn’t come over. I bet he was out skateboarding to clear his head and fell. I missed hearing his voice. Today I realized how lucky I was to finally find such a sweet guy that’s such a good match for me. Then I was sad that I’d met a partner whom I could imagine spending my life with just when I have to go away to prison for 7-14 yrs. I really hope I don’t loose him but that’s purely selfish. To be fair to him I have to give him the freedom to live his life, where ever that takes him. *sigh*