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Whom to contact about the waitlists for NDCS's sex-offender programs

If your incarcerated loved one has questions about or issues with the waitlist for the sex-offender programs (iHelp and oHelp) the person to contact is Olivia Moser at NSP. Her email is though she can not speak about treatment with family without a Release of Information signed by the incarcerated person. They can ask mental health services to get them one and to get the signed copy to Ms. Moser. She is very responsive and helpful if you have questions or issues.

My annual reclassification put me in for a transfer to start programming but the DRC (Director's Review Committee which approves all transfers) denied my transfer. I wrote a kite to Ms. Moser and within 2 weeks I was transfered. If your name is up on the waitlist she will make sure you get where you need to go.