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Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) facilities

There are 10 facilities that make up the whole NDCS system. Here they are, as listed in the NDCS Quarterly Datasheets:

CCC-L The Community Corrections Center - Lincoln is the work-release facility in Lincoln out on West Van Dorn with a current design capacity of 300. It is for people classified as community custody and it has both men's and women's facilities. NDCS is building an all women's facility at CCC-L that will add 160 new (female only) beds and should be complete this year ('19).

CCC-O The Community Corrections Center - Omaha is the work-release facility in Omaha just south of the airport with a design capacity of 90. It is also for people classified as community custody and it also has both men's and women's facilities for now. NDCS is planning on moving all Community Custody women to a new building at CCC-L when it is complete, sometime this year ('19).

DEC (often referred to as D&E) The Diagnostic and Evaluation Center is located in Lincoln west of CCC-L on West Van Dorn with a design capacity of 160 (but regularly around 300% of capacity). This is the screening facility for men who are newly admitted to NDCS's system where they are initially classified and receive physical and mental health assessments. Women go through this process at the York facility. DEC is consistently the most significantly overcrowded facility in all of NDCS with people sleeping on plastic "boards" (or cots) in the dayrooms or up to 4 people per 2 man cell. Newly admitted people are supposed to be screened and out of DEC within 3 months but that doesn't happen for everyone. This facility was built in the 70s.

LCC The Lincoln Corrections Center is actually attached to DEC (or visa versa) just to the north so it is also on West Van Dorn with a design capacity of 308. LCC was also built in the 70s and is for people who classified as maximum and medium custody men. It has a mental health gallery for people with long term mental health issues and houses the highest level sex-offender treatment program, iHelp. NDCS is planning to build on a new medical/mental health facility between DEC and LCC for geriatric and mental health care. This new medical facility is scheduled for completion in 2021 but hasn't started construction yet. There is also a proposal to build a 384 bed Maximum security wing to LCC/DEC to try and build their way out of the overcrowding emergency. There are no dates with this yet.

NCCW The Nebraska Correctional Center for Women is located in York and is the primary facility for women in NE. Its design capacity is 275 and is usually between 100% and 120% of capacity. It houses maximum, medium and minimum custody women.

NCYF The Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility is located in Omaha and if for people who are still minors. Its design capacity is 68 and it typically is below 100% capacity.

NSP The Nebraska State Penitentury is located at 14th and Hwy 2 in Lincoln. It is the oldest facility in NE but has undergone several expansions over the years. NSP's design capacity is 718 and it houses maximum and medium custody men "up front" in 5 housing units with small 2 man cells. Minimum custody men are housed "out back" in large (up to 100 person) dorms. There is a proposal to add 100 new minimum custody beds at NSP without expanding any of its support facility, structurally increasing its overcrowding.

OCC The Omaha Correctional Center is located just south of the airport in Omaha. Its design capacity is 398 and it houses minimum and medium custody men. The housing is 8 man dorms and some 2 man cells.

TSCI The Tecumseh State Correctional Institute is located just north of Tecumseh, NE, on Hwy 50 straight south of Syracuse. TSCI's design capacity is 960 and it houses maximum and medium custody men. All of TSCI is 2 man cells except for a few single person cells in SMU (Segregated Management Unit or the hole). It was built in 2001 and is the newest of the main facilities (NSP, LCC, OCC) and thus has the largest 2 man cells (just under 80 sq. ft.). It consists of 3 housing units (HU) subdivided into galleries of 32, 2 man cells. HU 1, which is the main protective custody (PC now called protective management or PM) unit for all NDCS, has 3 wings with 2 galleries each (A & B, C & D, E & F) while HUs 2 and 3 have only 2 wings each. GP (general population) and PC have their own rec. yards but alternately share other facilities such as the gym.

Here's a diagram of the cells at TSCI: 

WEC The Work Ethic Camp is located near McCook, NE. It is a minimum custody facility with a design capacity of 100. WEC is all larger dorms.

If you served time in any of these facilities please feel free to share your insights about them. Even if you visited someone in one of the facilities you can share your experience of visiting at the different facilities.