I am starting my 4th week at Jimmy John’s as the job search is taking longer than I had thought it would. Star Tran declined to hire me and Midwest Holding didn’t do a second, in person interview. I did interview at the DMV last week for an Administrative Technician position that would deal with alien verification for ID applications. I got the sense that the lady who led the interview was not very comfortable around me so I don’t expect a positive response. I have been contacted about an interview for an Administrative Tech. position at UNL’s Raike’s School of Computer Science. That would be a nice place to work with plenty of opportunity for me to brush up on my technical skills. The problem is that they want to do a video interview and I don’t know where I can arrange that. *sigh*

I am sort of enjoying the Jimmy John’s job in that I work downtown and it is pretty easy. Because of the bus schedule, I either arrive downtown 55 min. early or 5 min. late for work. As I don’t want to be late to work I have to go somewhere so I asked my case manager (Medley) to approve me going to the American Job’s Center every morning before I got to work. That gives me about 45 min. every day to work on my job search. *smile*

That also means I don’t have to spend my Personal Needs pass every weekend doing job search stuff. This past weekend McK, my friend Colin, and I went to see a movie, Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. It is about the life of a middle-aged chinese immigrant woman who runs a laundromat (sounds boring right?) who then discovers she can travel the multiverse and assume any abilities or skills of any her alternate selves.

It was hilarious and poignant all at the same time. The acting was phenominal on everyone’s part and the martial arts scenes were beautiful (while being gut-bustingly funny at times, you’ll know which one I mean if you see it *wink*). It also had a very upbeat and optimistic message that I appreciated. It was also the perfect Mother’s Day movie (trust me on this) though I didn’t get to see it with my mom. Wierdly, no one else who was there seemed to be with their mothers either. I guess everyone took their mom’s to Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. *shrug*

McK and I also spoke with my parents this past weekend about us getting married. We have planned to get married sometime in the future because I refused to do a prison wedding. However, now that I am at Community Corrections, we don’t have to do it in here PLUS, if we get married now, he can check me out for up to 48 hr home Furloughs. We wouldn’t have to wait for my parents to get back and I could spend lots of that time rebuilding my skill set to make me more marketable for the kind of jobs I really want. Not to mention it would be nice to be able to spend the night with McK every weekend.

I had brought the idea up before back in Feb. but received pushback from both of my parents and McK didn’t seem enthusiastic about it so I completely dropped the idea. However, after my first 12 hr Furlough, he realized I could be home every weekend with him and he started bringing it up. Then the Supreme Court’s plans to overturn Roe were leaked and it became clear that they don’t believe in a constitutional right to privacy. That was the basis of Roe and if they are overturning 50 years of precedent in that case they they will be more than willing to overturn the 7 years of precedent allowing same-sex marriage. It may not happen in the next year, but it will happen and that’s just another reason for us to not wait until we can afford some grand ceremony and go ahead with the simple civil service now.

We’ll see how it pans out.