Happy New Year (Gregorian and Lunar)!

It has been a while since I’ve written a post so there’s quite a bit to update. First off, there has still been no decision from the NE Supreme Court on my law suit over NDCS’s miscalculation of 191 good time. I argued it on Sept. 3rd so it has now been over 5 months. Every Friday I check the new decisions but nothing so far. I am still pretty certain I will win but I had hoped to have the decision in time to write the Parole Board requesting they change my Hearing from March of ’23 to Nov. of 22. I wanted to make the request prior to my March annual Review next month but now I’ll be lucky to if I even get the decision before my Review. If I have to request the Parole Board change my Hearing date after my Review, I don’t think they’ll be likely to do it.

My father and I have independently reach a somewhat conspiracy-theory explanation for why it is taking so long. Yeah, it is a case of “first impression” but we think there might be more to it than that. The Legislature is currently debating the governor’s request for $270 million to build his new prison (it will actually cost much more than that). I suspect that when the AG’s office saw the ass-kicking they received during oral arguments, they realized they were likely to loose. They probably informed NDCS and the governor’s administration and the administration probably didn’t want any embarrassing news about miscalculations to come out while that debate is going on. So, over cocktails or dinner, someone in the administration could have casually mentioned to some justice’s clerk that it would be best if the decision didn’t come out until after the Legislature’s session is over at the end of March. All it would take would be for one justice to want to write an even partially dissenting opinion, and he or she could take all the time they wanted. *grrr!*

Since Jan. 8th, I have been going to taiji practices every week on a weekly “religious activity” pass. *smile* The Sat. practice is held at a church so it works out great. It has been really nice to get to reconnect with Gary, who leads practices, and I’ve even gotten to run into a few others like Marty, Jim, Sanae, and even Huong. They are all friends from taiji before I was sentences and isn’t that exactly what being at Community Corrections is supposed to be about: reintegrating back into society?

I only get 2 “personal needs” passes a month so every other week I have taiji and another activity over the weekend. For the past month, I have been using the personal passes to go hang out at The Coffee House downtown and work on my resume and cover-letters for applying to work at law firms. McK made a list of 50 firms in the downtown area and I used it to mail-merge a cover-letter for each one. This weekend I finally got all the printed resumes and cover-letters, addressed all the envelopes, and am sending them out. I’m reach out now though I’, making it clear I won’t be available until the end of March. When I do go on Work Release status, they only give us 2 weeks to do “job seek” and that isn’t enough time to apply and interview for any kind of serious job so I’m making contact early. On my next personal pass, I will compose specific cover-letters for several technology oriented companies at which I want to apply and then send those out early too. If I don’t get any positive responses before I go on job seek I think I’ll get a job at a grocery store so I’m employed and continue the job hunt.

I came to a disappointing realization recently. My parents informed me that they will be leaving town on April 1st to start their summer caravanning in the RV…and they won’t be back at all until mid-October. That means I won’t be able to get any of the “family furloughs” (they start at 12 hours long and go up to 48) for that whole time as they are my only immediate family members. I had intended to spend a significant amount of time during those furloughs brushing up my technical skills. Now I can’t do that. *pout* I had even considered how to make the family furloughs work without my parents in town. McK and I are engaged but I wouldn’t ever do a prison wedding so we’ve been waiting until I get out. However, if we just had a civil ceremony down at the courthouse during one of my personal passes, he would then be able to check me out for furloughs and we could have an elaborate ceremony later (when we could afford it *chuckle*). So I proposed the idea to him (yes, proposed *grin*) and after a few days his response was it would be “fine.” Well, if someone’s reaction to getting married is “fine,” then it probably isn’t the best time to marry them. LOL! My parent’s weren’t in favor of the idea either. Mother thought I was pressuring McK into it and dad just thought it was a bad idea. I think he thought I just wanted furloughs with McK for sex. *chuckle* Regardless of their opinion, I decided not to bring it up any more. At least my parents backed up their departure by a day so I can get the first 12 hr furlough on March 31st before they leave. *smile*

In other news, I have managed to either not catch Covid, or more likely, caught it but only had a mild or asymptomatic case due to being vaccinated and boosted. *smile* My boss, whom I work in close proximity to in a small office for up to 8 hours a day, caught it over Thanksgiving. But I didn’t catch it from her. The warehouse corporal, who does the mail, also caught it in January. The day before, when he was coughing and telling me about his wife testing positive, my boss had left me in the warehouse to help him with the mail. And I still didn’t catch it.

I live in an open100-man dorm with people who work all around Lincoln. You can hear people coughing and wheezing every night so I have no doubt that it has circulated through here, probably several times. But the worst I have had is a mild runny nose. At this point I’m pretty sure I’m Covid-proof. *smile*

However, that’s not true for everyone in the dorm. Several people have confided in me that they were sick and a large segment of the population has refused to even get vaccinated, let alone boosted. The other day one of my neighbors was talking to my bunkie about how his grandmother had gotten the Moderna vaccine and that it had magnetized her. I don’t usually interject myself in their conversations (because they’re usually very negative and racist) but I couldn’t let that kind of bullshit stand unrefuted. So, I got up, grabbed a magnet off my locker, handed it to him and guided his hand over my whole shoulder and arm while explaining that the idea that a vaccine could magnetize you was beyond a lie, it is impossible. I gave him physical, personal proof that the Moderna vaccine did not magnetize me, but he still maintained that his grandma had told him it happened to her. Even in the face of direct experience, he still chose to believe the lie! What the hell can you do in the face of that kind of resistance to the truth? *BIG SIGH*

Recounting that story had worn me out so I’ll end here. I will try and make more frequent updates than once every 3 months. *chuckle*