WOOHOO! I am now at Community Custody! I was finally transferred this past Thursday. It only took 1.5 weeks after they fixed their error. *smile* The ride over was pretty nice because it was the first transfer where I didn’t have to wear the handcuffs and belly chain. *cheer* Though the transport officers were the same ones who had taken me from D&E to the county program 5.5 years ago and the white guy was still as much of a dick today as he was back then.

Once we arrived, the attitude of the person in charge of intake and orientation made it clear that they are sticklers (aka petty) here. Lots and lots of rules and, unlike longer term facilities, they enforce all of them. For instance, it is not enough to make your bed in a tidy manner, it has to be made to exactly match the posted picture, which means I can’t fold my blanket it half for extra warmth. 🙁 I’ll cope but I have to learn which rules they enforce because there are so many rules you are always breaking some without even knowing it. I read in the rule book that you can’t excessively sunbathe, so I assumed you could take your shirt off on the yard (like at every other institution) but that isn’t the case here. The food is also pretty bad here. You’d think that with the huge new kitchen built for the women’s center, they would be able to make better food but OCC has by far the best food of any institution in NDCS that I’ve been to. And the 8 man rooms are so much smaller than the ones at OCC. We are constantly maneuvering around each other.

One the up-side, yesterday they had a food truck park in the parking lot and instead of going to the chow hall we could go out and order from them. I had pulled pork nachos. *mmmm* Also, our unit’s caseworker (Ellinger, the most senior staff at CCCL) noticed me doing yoga on my bunk over count on Friday and she told me they have yoga matts in the office I could check out. So, this morning I got one from her at 6AM and did yoga in the yard in the fresh air as the sun rose while listening to the birds chirp. It was amazingly peaceful. *big smile* Eventually, I may try and get a yoga class set up here like I lead at OCC.

I’ve been assigned a job that takes more time than I really wanted but working is kind of the point of being here, right? *chuckle* I am training to replace the Property Clerk, which is a pretty important position. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to enjoy working with the Property Officer (Hanes) or not as she can run very hot and cold from minute to minute. It could pay off when I get my property drop off next week though. I’ll keep the charm up until then at least. *grin* I had hoped to get a clerk position at the CSI shop (Cornhusker State Industries, the prison labor branch of NDCS) but Ellinger intercepted my job assignment and sent me to her friend Hanes, the Property Officer. Worst case, I’ll have to do that job until March, when I can change from Work Detail (doing NDCS jobs) to Work Release (where you get a real job in the community). If I win my 191 good time case, I will go to Work Release by December.

Immediately upon arrival, I found out whom to contact about the Sept. 3rd arguments in front of the NE Sup. Crt. and I wrote her. I am hopeful that they will just issue me a pass to go to court in person otherwise she is going to have to set up the WebEx connection. I hope she responds early next week because it could change the clothing drop off that I am asking McK to put together for me.

Yeah, that’s another benefit. You can get personal street clothes. I’ve asked McK to include a suit for court, and a few other clothing items to wear around here but EVERYTHING you own must fit in your locker (except shoes). That’s another rule they are sticklers on. So I have my food, my personal hygiene item, all my paperwork, and all my state issue clothing stuffed in my locker as it is. As soon as the court hearing is done I will have to release my suit because I can’t imagine how I’ll keep it here even if I wanted it for job interviews later.

Regardless of the pros or cons, it is a step closer to being home so I am happy to be here. *smile*