On the 22nd of last month I had been waiting 3 months to be transferred to Community Custody (CC). Given that the Director himself says that it should take 60 days for someone to be moved, I thought I would start making noise about not being transferred yet.

I wrote the Unit Administrator Weiss (he’s just under the Assistant Warden) and asked why I hadn’t been moved yet. He replied that, because my parole hearing was so far out, I wasn’t a high priority and that the Central Transfer Authority (whomever that is) would move me when they were ready.

I simultaneously had my father email all the Deputy Director level people (Diane Sabatka-Rien, Robert Madsen, and Dawn Renee-Smith) asking why I hadn’t been moved yet. They didn’t respond so a week ago today I had my dad email them all again and ask to speak to someone. He got an email reply the next day from Daniel Sloup, the central office Classification Administrator). He said that my name had been removed from the transfer list due to a “clerical error” and that I had been put back on and should be moved “in a few weeks.”

That is the first time that I have ever heard of the central office admitting to making a mistake. How the heck does one get removed from the transfer list and who did it? The real kicker is that UA Wiess never even checked my status when he replied or he would have seen I was not on the list. I had my father forward the email to the Inspector General so he can document the problems with the transfer list. I’ve also written the Ombudsman’s office to open a complaint and have them monitor my status. Hopefully that adds pressure to actually get me moved “in a few weeks.”

Th other recent event is that on Friday they took a whole room of 8 guys to quarantine. They had moved a guy into the room 2 days ago from D&E who had a positive test. Yes, they knew he was positive and still moved him into a dorm room with 7 other guys. Two days later they decided they should take the whole room to quarantine. The guy had been on the yard for 2 days, going to the chow hall and mingling with everyone else, so Covid is in here again. Of course, a month ago one of my roommates was sick and gave it to me. That’s why I had canceled all my visits for the past month. I didn’t want to even risk getting my parents or McK sick. My parents have headed out on their Airstream caravan and McK works at a long term care facility so neither of them could afford to catch it and risk spreading it.

I am also applying to be a free-lance reporter for a new media organization here in NE, the Flatwater Free Press (flatwaterfreepress.org). Dad emailed them with a brief CV and asking if they wanted a reporter specializing in NE Corrections who had an insider’s perspective. *smile* I really hope they reply. I did get a letter to the editor published in the Lincoln Journal Star¬†about vaccination rates in NE prisons.

I spoke with Jeri today and it sounds like there are a good number of people who have submitted art for the Art From The Inside show on Sept. 3rd. I hope we get some good press coverage this year as opposed to last year when it mostly focused on the offenses of the artists. It’s a shame that, even if I get to Community before the show, I won’t be allowed to attend. *sigh*

I really hope to get moved soon because the room I am in has had quite a bit of turnover and it not a pleasant place to live anymore. One person has his TV on all night and turns the volume up loud enough that I can hear it and I’m the farthest from his bunk. I can’t imagine being his bunkie. One night it was so loud that I muted his TV with my remote. He woke up at 2AM and freaked out that I had “touched” his stuff. I apologized and asked him to keep the volume down but he turned the lights on in the room and stormed around bitching and moaning to wake everyone up so they knew he was pissed off. Eventually he went back to sleep and we don’t really talk anymore. Prison life. *sigh*

Plus, several guys are lighting up daily and not even showing the curtesy of doing it in the bathroom so there’s smoke in the room. Minutes after one of them did it last night, the case worker walked by, opened our door and stuck her head in to check on one guy who’s on room restriction. If she had been a minute or two earlier, she would have busted the whole room because of the smell of smoke. It’s by not living with idiot roommates like this that I have succeeded in not having any right ups, so I need to get out of here before I get one for their stupid shit.

Here’s hoping that I move in the next week…or two at most. *big smile*