Spring has arrived. I know because my allergies tell me so. *chuckle* There are two trees on the yard (yes, OCC actually has trees on the yard) which are in full bloom. One is clusters of small white flowers and has been blooming for almost 2 weeks. The other has bigger soft pinkish-red flowers and just started blooming. Also, we have seen all kinds of wildlife in the past few weeks. In addition to the flocks of turkeys that have been around throughout the winter, I have seen a lot of other critters. A couple of weeks ago, a bald eagle flew directly overhead at the height of only about 5 stories. Then there was the beaver that walked back and forth around our perimeter fence, seemingly trying to get in (or maybe trying to help someone get out? LOL!). About a week ago, there was a hawk that landed in the yard next to my housing unit and caught a baby rabbit then flew to one of the trees in the yard to eat it. I even saw the deer that were here last fall but they disappeared through winter. OCC is lucky to be right down next to the river so there are all kinds of wildlife around. *smile*

Just about a month ago I received my first Covid19 vaccine shot (or jab if you’re British *chuckle*). It was the Moderna vaccine and I am about due for my second shot. I was very happy to finally get it and look forward to the second even though I did react to the first one. I probably had Covid last Oct. so I had a bit more of a reaction to the first shot than average. I ran a low grade fever and felt drained for 3 days. I hope the last shot won’t be worse. *cross my fingers*

I was also moved out of C wing to B wing about a month ago. I really didn’t want to move but you don’t get a choice. When they say move, you move. The first room they put me in was not a good match. Half of the room was exceedingly homophobic. The one and only night I was in there, they ranted about 2 gay guys in C wing who got caught messing around in one of the treatment rooms. Now, I grant you that those guys were in the wrong to do anything sexual with another person in here and they got kicked out of the program and moved to separate housing units. However, that didn’t warrant the threats of violence that my roommates were making. They apparently didn’t know that I am gay and they went on for an hour about “those fucking fags” and threatened to be violent if they saw them even walking together (which they never followed through on). I was lucky that the B wing case manager was in the next day and she was more than willing to move me to a better room. I actually ended up in the same room I was in when I was in B wing during the Nov. Covid quarantine. I knew everyone in the room from then or from somewhere else so it’s a much more comfortable room. *smile*

Another change is that my buddy Jay has been moved to CCCO (Community Corrections Center Omaha). I’m very happy for him but it sucks for someone to move whom you are used to spending most of your day with. I get to spend more time reading the Economist and The New Yorker though. *chuckle* I think I may end up walking less but adding more more simple exercises which Jay was not interested in so I’ll make it a change for the better.

I have also filed the final Reply Brief in my 191 good time appeal. The state’s Brief was not very good and, especially with my Reply Brief, I think they have no way to win. Now I wait to see if the Court will accept my petition to bypass the appeals court and go straight to the NE Supreme Court. The state agreed with my petition so I think it will be granted. I am going to file a motion to proceed without oral arguments to attempt to expedite the decision but I doubt it will be granted. I expect I will completely outperform the state’s lawyer in oral arguments and the advantage of having them is that I can directly address any lingering questions the justices might raise. I just worry about taking even longer to get a decision as this case started Feb. 11th… of 2020. *sigh* I hope there’s a decision by the end of this year.

As I received a 2 year hearing from the Parole Board last month, I am now qualified to transfer to Community Custody (CC) but my reclassification is still in the works. The process should probably take 2 or maybe 3 weeks but it has been over a month now an no sign of a decision. As a matter of fact, it sounds like there is some discussion of sending me to WEC (Work Ethic Camp in McCook) rather than directly to CC in either Lincoln or Omaha. Usually, it is younger guys who are sent to WEC to take classes on how to manage your life and job when you get out, none of which I need to take. Also, as it is a younger population, it is more political and I hear they can get violent towards sex-offenders. If my reclassification comes back as WEC, I will probably appeal it which will delay things even more. 🙁 I just want to get to CC and start Education Release so I can get a CDL and work on a Paralegal certificate. I’ll just have to wait and see when my reclassification gets back and what it says. Nothing like sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for a momentous decision about your life that you have no control over. *sigh in frustration*