I was forced to move to another gallery within housing unit 1 on Monday. I am now in A gallery, cell 29 instead of F28. I was very unhappy about it, especially since the sent my cellie, Jeff, and I to different galleries. Jeff and I had been cellies for almost 2 years and we were a great match. We got along great, never had a fight or even a disagreement, and had our routines very well in sync. Both of us couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating cellie. He was OK with having the upper bunk which gets a blown on directly from the cold air vent. I was very happy with the lower bunk where I could hang a sheet from the upper bunk to block the cold air from blowing on me. Now I’m on the upper bunk (which is a pain if I want to bead) and the vents in A gallery blow twice as hard as they did in F. I set my drawing board between the mattress and the lip of the bunk to act as a mini-wall but the wind still blows around it soI have to sleep every night with the winter beanie they give us on. That is my major complaint about being here in A.

A year ago Unit Manager Holly had pulled Jeff and me into his office and asked if we would like to be moved off of F because we were well behaved and he wanted to put some trouble makers in our cell. I looked at Jeff, he nodded, and to told Holly “no thanks.” He was a taken aback and asked why. I explained that neither of us wanted to be anywhere near a really petty Correctional Officer (CO) named Barker. She would write people up for simply having a styrofoam cup in their cell and neither of us wanted to deal with her. I went on to explain that I had gone 2.5 years with no write-ups at all and I didn’t want to lose my earned 191 good time because of her. Well, Barker retired last year but there’s a new CO, Gilbert, who assumed her role of making petty write-ups so I still didn’t want to come to A side where she is 5 days a week but Holly specifically chose Jeff and me to move this time. *sigh*

Jeff and I initially refused to pack up and move. I wanted to talk to the Unit Manager first, but the COs refused and told us to pack up or we’d be taken to holding. That would mean a write up and I’d loose my 191 good time before I even got to A gallery, which was the major reason I didn’t want to move. The only reason I gave in was that I expect to win my argument with NDCS and get 191 good time applied to parole eligibility dates too which will mean I could parole for Thanksgiving 2022. Jeff, who has the first 10 years of his sentence as flat time, was still going to refuse because he reasoned that behaving hadn’t earn us any benefit so maybe misbehaving would. I slowly talked him out of going to the hole because if he did, the COs would pack up his stuff and he would end up loosing a lot of the personal property that he had bought from other guys. You’re not supposed buy anything from other guys, instead you have to purchase everything new yourself so it officially goes on your property list. Jeff didn’t want to loose most of his stuff so he calmed down. Luckily, one of the 2 COs who came to tells us to pack up was very good at de-escalation and kept things calm; he even had to tell the other CO to back off because he was instigating a conflict with me at one point.