I dont understand, what did I do wrong?
I thought the bond between us was strong?
What did I do?
I repeditly ask myself these questions,
and I do my best to hide my true feelings.
I walk around feeling angry.
Mad and pissed off at everything and everybody.
I asked you for one thing, Just one thing and you
couldnt even do that.
Every day I feel lost….
Like a dog without the tags!
Like a kite without the string!
Like a flag without the wind!
What did I do?
As men we are always told not to try and fix the
problem, [ul]”Just listen”[/ul]
As men we are told not to cry and not to follow.
What do I do when I need help?
I feel alone all the time. Even in the presents of people
I still feel alone.
But you couldnt tell if you tried, Because I wear a
If you ask me how do I feel, I would lie.
If you ask about my tears, I would say they have dried.
Still to this day I cant understand why.
I gave my life for you and with that,
I lost life.
And thats something I cant get back.
See what Ive larned is;
people do things without thinking, because they
assume that, the other person would do the same
for them.
You see what I larnd is,
I am more of a friend to you
then what you are to me.
and Ive come to realize
everyday is a lesson and every lesson
brings understanding and with understanding
brings wisdom.
I found out knowledge is key! So I have understanding

Now what do you have?

I am
but the mystery JG, is who could you be?
Some call me an asshole, but the other day it is the real in me.
Entertainment to this world, is a DREAM for me.
I write raps and write songs about my life YOU read.
This poetry that I spit, is a BEAM to me.
Some say im cocky, I say Im SURE of me.
Everyday im number ONE. with two double zero’s
An Entrepreneur, go getter. Im always setting goals.
And what I ink 2 paper. Keeps’em on their toe’s.
3 times is the charm, And everybody knows.

Come take a trip with me, down all the roads
that made me. Through native lands as
dry as the desert sands. Through lush green
pastures full of life and laughter. Through the city
streets that bring structure and misery. Through the
Lands that I dont understand.
Come take a trip with me down the streets of Brooklyn that
unlocked a mystery. through the virin ground that
no one had ever found. through a land of majic and
fanticy. through hills of dreams and reality.
Come take a trip with me down the streets
that helped make me and unlock a mystery.

So I ask,
Whats wrong with Please
Its like no one likes him because
his name is Please
Its true, he knows everyone,
he’s the answer to everything
and everybodie knows him.
So I ask,
Whats wrong with “Please”?
Sometime he’s not hurd
So he’s used twice.
But whats not understood is,
Sometime he has to be used trice.
So I ask
Whats wrong with “Please”?
If he was a bomb
and 3 please’s defused him,
why is it, that you still,
refuse to use him?
So I ask,
Whats wrong with “Please”
They always try to replace him,
But Damn! Thats not him
So again I ask
Whats wong with “Please“?