This will be my last journal entry for a while. We are switching to a new email system here and I have to turn in the MP4 player for AccessCorrections tomorrow to get the new tablet from JPay. It can take up to 60 days to get the tablet too so I might not have another post till March. The new JPay system goes live on 1/27 but we’ll only be able to compose on the kiosk until we get the tablets which means only very short emails.

Luckily, I was able to compose a new letter to state senators before I had to turn in my MP4 player. I’ve also emailed everyone with an AccessCorrections account to let them know about the switch to JPay. I’ll be interested to see how many sign up for JPay. I’m rushing to get everything typed up before I have to hand in the MP4 player. I suppose I should have planned further ahead for this. LOL!

Besides this post I also want to compose a letter to the lady at the Governor’s mansion who is in charge of the inmate work detail program. A guy in my gallery was a caterer/waiter at the Governor’s mansion through a work detail program at CCCL (Community Corrections Center – Lincoln). If you get to Community Corrections, which is work detail and work release, you are at the lowest custody level. Not only are you allowed to leave the facility to work and able to wear regular clothing but you can also get furlough passes for 4 or more hours. I would SOOOO love to be able to get a furlough pass and go out for a real meal with mom, dad and McK. I don’t think you can get an overnight pass while on work detail; that’s only when you’re on work release. But 4 hour passes would be infinitely better than what I get now. *smile* Unfortunately, I think the fact that I still have a pending screening for program recommendations will probably bar me from being considered as a caterer at the Gov’s mansion in spite of my years of experience as a banquet captain at the Cornhusker Hotel. 🙁

Ok, in order to turn my MP4 player in tonight so I don’t miss the deadline I had better wrap up. I’ll see you all on the other side of the abyss… of no email. Into that dark night I go. LOL!