WOOHOO! Today I finished Dark Money by Jane Mayer. It was a thick and detailed account of how the ultra rich have managed to subvert democracy and control much of politics today. It is a depressing read but pretty damn necessary for anyone who cares about the future of our nation. I’m going to try to share it with Black and George in A/B but I don’t know if either cares enough to read it. Once they are done I’ll send it out and encourage mom to read it and maybe Justin but it might be too dark for them to slog through. Now I can start The Innovators by Walter Isaacson which Justin sent me. It’s a collection of short biographies on those who led to our technological age.


Yesterday I used the first of my origami paper and made a traditional crane and flapping bird. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to do them and how well they turned out. They are currently hanging from threads from the ceiling above my bunk. *smile* Eventually I hope to send them out to McK. I don’t know if the prison will allow me to though. Inmates can send art out but they might worry that my origami animals have secret notes inside them. If they unfold them to check then, of course, they will be ruined. *sigh* I must say that the special origami paper is really nice though. Not only is it nice and thin but still able to hold a crease it is also colored on one side. By the time I use all 40 sheets I bought my cell will be a colorful menagerie. LOL


After 5 months here at TSCI I have finally started to incorporate some push-ups and core exercises to my morning routine. In Columbus I was the only one awake in the mornings so I could work out without others around. Here I walk around the dayroom for an hour every morning from 7-8 but there are always others in the dayroom too so I had not done any more than walk. Now I think I’m well enough established that I can do it without others mocking or interjecting advice. Today Robert, my cellie, said I should work out in the cell if I wanted to. I will probably do that for the core exercises since they are good to do on a bunk with a mattress. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been at TSCI not only have I lost what small abs I had but I’ve developed a paunch. *pout* I will fix that in time.