This morning after breakfast the CO came to tell Jacobs to pack up, he was going to NSP. He wasn’t very happy to hear that because he really wanted to go to Omaha (OCC) where his girlfriend and family are. He kept saying how he hoped to go to OCC but I knew he wouldn’t be sent there because he has 15-20 and that’s way too much time for OCC. After telling him that once though I wasn’t willing to keep bursting his bubble so I just let him hope for OCC. Then today he was upset that he was going to NSP so I tried to cheer him up. At least he was getting out of here after sitting in D&E for over 6 months. Now he would have a lot more time out of his cell and be able to get a job to help make time pass. He didn’t seem to want to be cheered up though and I can understand. It is always stressful to get moved while incarcerated. First off, you have no control over where you’re going, or even any forewarning. You just get told when and where they decide to move you. Second, you have to deal with a whole new institution and all the new policies and procedures, like how do you reserve a shower, what’s the daily schedule, etc. And most importantly, you play virtual Russian-roulette with getting a new cellie. Jacobs is pretty laid back so I think he’ll be ok. And if I get sent to NSP then I’ll get to see him again. *smile*


His leaving means that there are only 2 of us in my cell now, me and Dennis, so it’s pretty spacious and quiet. I even got to move to a lower bunk now and I re-cleaned the cell walls, including the wall behind the bunk where Jacobs used to sleep. So a newly cleaned and more spacious cell, what could be bad about that? Well, with only 2 of us in here we are much more likely to get a random new cellie assigned by admissions. I talked to Dennis about that today and suggested that we might want to try and “invite” someone who is already here to move in. That way we’d have some say in who our 3rd would be rather than a total crapshoot. There are a couple guys that I would consider asking.


One is James Oliver. He’s the guy who drew me the maps of NSP and Tecumseh; he’s in his 50s, seems tidy and no-nonsense and is an avid reader. Another option is George Phillips, whom I’ve been playing handball with recently. He’s already suggested we’d make good cellies at NSP; He’s in his mid to late 20s, he’s clean, very laid back and a voracious reader. The drawback to James would be that he is pretty gruff and won’t tolerate anything he doesn’t like. George on the other hand is very tolerant but is kind of mopey and depressed a lot. There’s also the possibility of Brian Kyle, this new arrival who sits at our 4 man dinner table. He came in this week and they cleared out cell 7 for him to be in there alone because he broke his back a year ago and has some medical conditions from that so I’m not sure they’d even let him move in with us. He’s in his 40s I think, seems sane and is quite a talker, very blue-collar but decently intelligent.


Of course there are concerns over us we’d have to raise before anyone agreed to move in. First off, I’d want to make sure they were clean because I don’t want a messy, let alone dirty, cell. Second they’d have to be ok with me doing yoga for an hour a day (I’m relatively quiet about it, but it’s not “normal” for prison). Third, they’d have to be able to put up with Dennis’s fairly mild snoring, and more importantly the fact that every once in awhile there’s a faint smell like he’s defecated in his boxers. He’s a mild mannered guy and easy enough to get along with but he’s 67 and has some bowel control issues. I can’t get upset over it, it happens when some people age and I deal with it in a very nonchalant way, I don’t even mention it. LOL So a new cellie would have to be able to put up with that too. *sigh* I’m not sure James would and I don’t know if George would want to. Brian actually has adult diapers I guess because of his back injury. Anyway, it’s something I’ll discuss more with Dennis tomorrow.