Yesterday I got an email from mom informing me that I received a summons to serve on jury duty next month. HAHAHAHAhahahaha! I asked CO Moda if they’d let me out to go serve and he humorlessly said “no.” *rolls his eyes* Some people have no sense of humor. The other inmates, especially Ness, found it friggin hilarious. Even if I were out to serve you know a DA would have struck me merely because I had a criminal record.


At gym yesterday I took George up on his offer to be partners on the big boy handball court…and we got our asses kicked the first 2 games we played. By the third I was starting to warm up but the hour was up. Tonight at gym I asked George if we could play on the beginner’s court so I could get some more practice and he agreed. Since there are fewer people playing on the beginner’s court (and since we won and therefore “owned” the court) we got a lot more play in than if we cycled through the list of teams that play on the big boy court. With all that practice I was able to get my serve down much better though I still have some wild swings during vollies at times. I think tomorrow we’ll “graduate” to the big boy’s court again even if it means less time actually spent playing.


George seemed really down today at yard and after I made him join me for handball at gym he thanked me for making him do something active to kind of get him out of his funk. I’m not totally sure why he was out of it today but it could be because Ness was transferred this morning and he and Ness talked quite a bit so they may have been buddies. I’ll see what I can do to try and keep George engaged tomorrow at yard to keep his mind off of things that are dragging him down. I gave him Jackson’s The Atlantic so if he read it we can chat about the articles, which I’ve been badly wanting to do with someone but when I mentioned a couple of the articles to Jackson he didn’t seem like he’d read them. *sigh* I know George will because he’s a voracious reader. The question is will he find them interesting and want to discuss them like I do. Meaning, how much of a nerd is he? *chuckle*


Yeah, they took Ness out today. They told him he was being sent out to Lincoln Co. jail which has a deal where they take overflow inmates from the state prison system and house them. The inmates get something like $120/mo for going there but then you’re stuck in a county jail, which is even worse than D&E in some ways: no yard, likely no gym, limited space.


Though it is possible he won’t be on lockdown nearly as much as we are in unit 1 and he might get to watch more TV because of that (a big deal to Ness). No matter the pros and cons he did NOT want to go back to county jail. He has already been sent out to this program before and then brought back to D&E which is why he had been in D&E for 18 months so far, and now they sent him out there again. Housing prison inmates in jail might work OK if they have short sentences but Ness has 20 – something so WTF are they thinking sending him? He’ll eventually be brought back here again and have to be sent to a regular prison because of how long he has. It kind of seems like they’re shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. LOL Eventually 4 COs came to escort him out so he had to go…and after he left the MP4 players were delivered and he had ordered one. *sigh*


I definitely don’t want to be sent out to county jail but you don’t get a choice really. When they say you’re going somewhere, you either go or they subdue you one way or the other and send you. Ness was smart enough at least to not fight them. It would have been a miserable ride to North Platte with pepper spray in your eyes and lungs. Ness was a civil and intelligent guy, I hope he does OK there. Who knows, maybe eventually he’ll be brought back to D&E and sent out to whatever prison I go to so perhaps I’ll see him again.


They closed down dayroom for most of the morning today to do some plumbing work in one of the cells and they at least got one of the 2 closed showers working so now we have 3 out of 4. *cheer* It makes the line for showers far less daunting, and luckily not many people shower in the mornings like I do. *smile*


I have been reading Travels with Charley and I have to say I’m glad I didn’t expect much plot. LOL It is stream-of-consciousness travel journal that follows the chronology of the journey (mostly) but hops around from idea to idea as they strike Stainbeck. I’m enjoying the 50 year old depiction of “modern” (to him) America like his awe at vending machines that will brew you a cup of coffee or make a cup of soup. Steinbeck takes great pride in his ability to get lost, but I wonder how he’d do today with Google maps and Siri narrating his driving instructions for him. Hahaha I would enjoy doing something like what he’s doing, driving relatively aimlessly across the US, but unfortunately that would be illegal for a sex-offender as I have to inform the state patrol in NE anytime I travel, where I’m going, where I’m staying, how long I’ll be at each location. Not exactly conducive to random road tripping. I may recommend that Roz read the book though as she has dreamt of a sort of vagabond journey like his, but with internet access. *chuckle*


This afternoon A side decided to organize another handball tournament this weekend. This time at least they were clear up front about it taking a pop token to buy in and I figured why not, I have more tokens than I’ll drink in a week. It was another random pairing of partners and guess whom I was paired with? Marcos, the Latino guy from cell 2 that I was paired with last time, whom I kept from winning the tournament. LOL He’s good matured enough to not show that he holds it against me. *chuckle* I really need to step up my game to earn him the tokens he deserves from the last tournament. *smile* I have gotten my serve down now so at least I’ll make it possible to earn points when I serve.


I’ve also been enjoying Travels with Charley, not so much for the story or even his insights, but for Steinbeck’s writing style. I thoroughly enjoy his description of characters, of scenes and his dialog. I shall endeavor to emulate his style in a weak, prison-mirror reflection of his skill. LOL It would be good practice to go through describing the characters in here in what I would take to be his style. Starting this weekend I may try and do that.