Today was a busy day, well, for being in here. *chuckle* Jackson organized a handball tournament for Memorial Day but since we didn’t have gym on Monday we delayed the tournament till today. They put all the names of players that signed up in a pool and randomly paired them up. I got paired with Marcos from cell 2. He’s a nice Latino guy who smiles a lot. He’s one of the best handball player, Ness call him the handball ninja because of his reflexes and ability to make shots that seem impossible. Poor guy got paired up with me. LOL Yesterday at gym we got to practice with our partners and he and I were undefeated on our court. Victor, another Latino guy from cell two whom I had partnered with last week and did well with, and George, from cell 20, a slightly heavy black guy who is a voracious reader, were undefeated on the other court during Tuesday’s practice games. So the buzz was that our 2 teams would end up in the finals against each other. I was just hoping that I didn’t screw up and lose Marcos any games. Oh and what no one told me when they asked if I wanted to join the tournament was that it was a pop token buy in and the winners would take the pot. So there was pressure to not lose Marcos the tokens he could win. But what I think mattered to him more was beating his cellie. LOL


Our first match was against Jackson and Ness. They barely won the first match, but it was best 2 out of 3 so we fought hard and came back to win the last 2. We had beat them 2 out of 2 yesterday so we expected to win again. I think Marcos was a little perturbed at losing the first game but we gelled and worked well for the next 2. The next match was against 2 complete newbies, Tanner and Josh. Both are about mid-20s skinny white boys with very little coordination but they had heart enough to try. We shut them out in the first game 7-0 (if you get to 7 without the other team scoring you win) and the second game they got a point so it went to 11-1. But they gave it a try at least. I have to wonder if the “random” pairing of partners was so random in their case. LOL


Then we were in the final match against Victor and George. They had beat their previous 2 opponents in 2 games each, better than we had, so they were the favorites. I could tell that Marcos was really intent on beating Victor because he did just about everything he could to hit the ball, even when the serve was clearly on my side of the court. In the end Victor and George played really well together, and though Marcos was probably better than either George or Victor independently, he wasn’t playing well as a “team” with me and he got worn out and sloppy towards the end. So I guess I did fail to live up to my part and we lost, but there wasn’t much I could do if my partner wouldn’t let me even swing at the ball. Everyone did comment that it was an awesome 2 games, the best any had seen. I wonder if I had been paired with Victor and George with Marcos what the result would have been. Maybe next time. *smile*


Other than that it was a pretty calm day. Tonight I’m pretty worn out from all the handball though, plus I got the expectorant and decongestant from medical so that’s making me even groggier. They wouldn’t send cough syrup but they gave me tables of expectorant and decongestant. I hope it will help me get over this cough. *cough cough* At least I’m done with the tournament so it doesn’t matter so much if the drugs make me groggy. *chuckle*


As I’m about to pass out I think I’ll end here. Good night.