This was our short weekend, meaning we had early night 3 nights in a row. To accomplish this they switch our schedule halfway through the day and send us to gym in the middle of the day so we lose out on some dayroom time but next weekend we get 3 nights in a row of late nights so it evens out I guess.


We have lost a few guys on A side recently, and gotten a few new ones. One of the guys who left was AJ, who was probably the best handball player of all of us. Plus a few other handball players left so I’ve been recruited to play the past 2 nights partly out of necessity and partly out of kindness to a beginner. I started playing with Ness, from cell 18, as my partner but we weren’t doing so well so Ness went to the other court and then Victor from cell 2 had me pair up with him and we played a damn good pairing of Marcos, also from cell 2, and Mohammed, from cell 22, and Victor and I won 2 out of 4 of our matches. That’s the first handball victory I’ve had. LOL Victor insisted that I move forward and try and play up front on the court more and that actually brought out my racquetball reflexes. Not only did I respond more quickly but I made some pretty good kill shots. *smile*


But because of the changed schedule we only had an hour of dayroom tonight and I didn’t feel like trying to fight for time in one of the showers to I did a “bird bath” in the sink in my cell right after getting back from the gym. I’ll keep to my schedule of morning showers, thank you. Luckily, I have plenty of spare boxers, socks and tee shirts so I could change clothes.


Today I decided that I was going to scrub down our toilet since I had noticed that the underside of the seat was not all that clean. During our afternoon dayroom I asked CO Jackman for a scrubbing pad and since he is more than willing to help inmates with supplies to clean their cells he gave me one. Then I spent over an hour scrubbing the toilet/sink combo, the walls and floors around it, the lockers next to it and even the corner where the walls meets the floor all over the cell. I scrubbed the hell out of our cells, partly out of boredom but also because I have to live here so I want it to be clean. My cellies didn’t complain. Hahaha


This morning at yard I walked and talked with Ness about book 2 of The Magician’s series. When he was reading the first book and came to the part where they discovered the button to take them to Fillory he threw a fit, came down and asked me if that’s how they were going to solve their dilemma of how to travel to Fillory and when I said yes he almost swore off the book and didn’t finish it. He feels (strongly) that the author builds scenarios up and then ends up taking the lazy writer’s way out but he really likes the characters so he eventually continued reading and finished book 1. I wanted to see how he was feeling about book 2, which I think is the best of the 3 books. He has continued to enjoy the characters but still finds the plot frustrating. *chuckle* I wouldn’t mind trying to form a reading circle where we share literature and then discuss and critique it…but maybe that’s asking too much from inmates?


Today I met this Omaha teacher that we read about in the Omaha World Herald when Jeff was still here and we were getting it. He got sentenced to 30-60 if I recall the article correctly. So I guess Jackson, who was also a teacher, should be happy he only got 20-30. Funny that there are 2 former teachers here now, and there was a former professor too, Jeff. Not the people you normally expect to be running into in prison but I’m not complaining since it at least means there’s some other’s who appreciate good literature and can hold a conversation. Though Jeff was sent to NSP, this new teacher is on B side (he’s a porter so I met him over dinner), and Jackson doesn’t seem to care to associate with me much (possibly because I’m openly gay and people probably assume he is too because of his perfectly coiffed hair LOL). The new teacher, I didn’t get his name, was and English teacher so I immediately started chatting literature but he didn’t have an English major, just a teaching degree, so his depth of knowledge of literature was kind of shallow. *sigh*


Yesterday we had a young female CO at yard and again at gym. She was sort of chatting with Jackson at yard and I thought maybe she was flirting with him, which I thought would have been odd. Turns out they went to highschool together though she is 4 years his junior. I don’t know if they knew each other but she apparently recognized him. More and more coincidences.