Damn! I’ve been having pretty bad allergies since lockdown last night. And of course, once you’re locked down you can’t get any of the antihistamines that they keep in the bubble. *sigh* I’ve gone through about an entire roll of toilet paper since yesterday and it’s only lunch time. LOL I “smuggled” some salt back from breakfast and lunch in my tumbler in order to gargle with it to sooth my throat that was sore from post-nasal drip. Luckily I had also purchased a saline nasal spray off canteen just in case of this kind of eventuality. It isn’t as good at a neti pot but it seems to be helping clean out my sinuses some.


This morning we got 15 min of yard before we were called in and locked down because it started to rain. Then we lost our morning dayroom because maintenance was working on some plumbing issues on B side so I didn’t get my morning shower nor did we get to mop our cell. There were also some tours going through our housing unit all morning. I hear it was some sort of inspection and during our lunch (which was over and hour late) a pair of the visitors stayed to watch us get served and eat (feeding time at the zoo is always a crowd pleaser). They were talking to CO Jackman while he called A side cell to come to lunch and when he got to cell 8 Paul, the one who’s meds they messed up and was haul out of here in handcuffs for having a fight with Albert Einstein, went up to one of the guys and said hi. It turns out one of the 2 guys was the warden of another prison, possibly NSP, and I guess Paul recognized him since Paul has served over 30 years in NE Corrections. I doubt the warden recognized him but of course Paul had to go shake his hand. At least his meds are keeping him more balanced now so he didn’t tell the warden he was the Prophet or introduce him to Albert. LOL


I’ve been making good progress transcribing my handwritten journals from April ever since I finished the last of The Magicians’ series. Without the distraction of a fun book to read I’m focused on transcribing the journals and will probably be done this week. Then I’ll ask Justin to start sending in my old CA journals so I can transcribe them. *smile*


Now I’m going to do some yin yoga before we get our afternoon dayroom and I get to shower.




Well, it wasn’t allergies. I started to shiver and shake about mid afternoon. Maybe it was allergies to begin with and the rain that fell on us at yard made me sick or perhaps it was the lukewarm, bordering on chilly shower, but I definitely have been running fever all afternoon. When I called Justin tonight I asked him “What’s worse than being in prison?” Answer: “Being in prison and being sick. LOL I’ve got to rest up and get over this by Friday so I can enjoy my visit…and so I don’t make mom, dad, McK or Roz sick. I got more salt at dinner to gargle with and mixed some up to add to my saline nasal spray container then I practiced using it like a neti pot. I’m feeling pretty weak, the weakness you get during and after a fever, so I also fixed some rice and ham with some squeeze cheese to boost my caloric intake for the day. I’ve stopped taking the antihistamine since I’m not sneezing and it’s not allergies but I do ask the bubble for Tylenol twice a day (I think that’s all we’re allowed). Basically, saline nasal and throat wash and rest, what more can I do? *shrug*


Justice (the 19yo native American kid who sits at my dinner table) got rolled up and moved out of the unit. He had dropped his pants, stuck his ass in his cellie’s face (Tanner 2) and farted…twice. Tanner wrote a kite on him and since they’re very sensitive about anything with a potential sexual nature to it, the moved him out right away. Justice wasn’t very bright but I didn’t think he was that immature. Lesson to learn: never under-estimate how immature someone can be in prison. He had come to this unit because he was getting in fights in the other units. Now he’ll have to get used to fighting again I guess. Poor, dumb kid.


I talked to Paul this afternoon and it turned out that he knew the NSP warden because he had been on some “inmate council” at NSP and delt with him before. I wish I had paid closer attention to what the 2 guys looked like so I could identify the NSP warden again, but if I go there I expect I’ll see him…eventually. LOL


Ok, I’m really wiped out and weak so I’m going to sign off for tonight and maybe write tomorrow if I’m feeling better.