Today Jacobs received notice that his girlfriend was approved to visit him in spite of her having a felony background. I guess he’s been out for 3 years now so they OKed her. She had written him a couple weeks ago asking him to marry her. Dennis and I have been telling him we would be happy to be his 2 witnesses when they get married *chuckle* but it’s pretty clear he doesn’t want to get married, at least not while he’s in here. I can’t say that I blame him.


Yesterday, while Jacobs was asleep (which is most of the time) Dennis was commenting on how we were sentenced at the same time, transported to D&E together, went through admissions together and then put in the same cell and that of all the people in here he hoped we could be cellies when we’re sent to our permanent institution. Awww. That’s flattering I guess but not too surprising. I’m a pretty good cellie and most importantly from Dennis’ perspective, not prone to violence. LOL That’s the biggest stress when you’re moved: where will you be housed and with whom? Especially since we will be going to general population and possibly get cellies that have an issue with sex-offenders. Unfortunately for Dennis, I hope I’ll go to NSP and he’s going to Tecumseh, though there’s no guarantee I’m going where I hope. I wouldn’t be to upset with Dennis as my cellie though he does snore quite loudly and can’t listen to the radio without tapping his feet or clapping his hands or even “singing” along (which sounds worse than a cat howling). His future cellie will probably not stand for his radio listening habits.


I’ve been playing more handball. The best handball player on A side of our housing unit, AJ who can be petty and childish but is serious when it comes to competitive activities, complimented me on learning quickly and said I should keep it up. My old racquetball skills help though I’m used to a longer reach and much more power in a swing. I’ll have to get used to playing a higher game till I re calibrate my sense of the strength of a hit.


We have a new kid, Justice, sitting at our 4 man dinner table now. It’s me, Dennis, Mike (Colorado) and it used to be Zach but earlier this week they brought Justice in from unit 3 where he apparently was getting in fights and put him in cell 24 with Jackson (the History teacher) and Teenwolf (Michael, in for shaking his baby nearly to death and who thinks he’s a werewolf). Justice is multi-racial, though he looks predominantly white, I guess his dad was Native American and his mom was mixed black and white. He seem to enjoy talking to me though he doesn’t seem very bright and kind of talks with a strange lisp but he’s nice and friendly to me and Dennis. Over a meal the other day he ask if I was a banker. I said no and asked why. He said I looked like a banker. I told him I was a coder, which confused him so I explained that I wrote software programs and web sites but the whole time I was wondering what a banker looked like. LOL He’s 19 and in for murder (I’d think that was an over the top cover story but he was originally housed in another unit so he’s not in for a sex-offense) with a sentence of something like 20-50 so he’s going to be in a LONG time. He does seem to have a code of ethics, even if it is a prison code, because when he found out Teenwolf, his cellie, had owed Dennis 2 pop tokens for a few weeks he and Mike (Colorado) decided to make Teenwolf pay up with dinner trays. Sad but that is what passes for “honor” in here.