Today they brought Paul back, the black guy who’s meds they had fucked up and hauled out of here after he got in a fight in his cell…with Albert Einstein. I wondered if they would bring him back but I expected it to take longer to get his meds right. Well the reason it didn’t take that long is that they didn’t get his meds right! He’s still calling himself a prophet from God and he’s still a bit manic and he’s still obsessively selling his meals for 2 envelopes. But at least he’s not arguing with Albert anymore. According to Paul’s cellie, Luther, Paul isn’t talking to Albert for a week because he got Paul in trouble. *sigh* Let’s see how long it takes before he breaks down again and they have to take him out in handcuffs AGAIN. Or maybe next time he’ll get into a fight with a real person. I do feel sorry for Luther though for having to deal with this again.


Other than that today was a pretty uneventful day. I did get a letter from mom with pictures of the garden and of friends, including McK. *smile* I also called and talked to McK tonight. I miss holding him, especially as we slept. Justin wasn’t at my parents’ house last night when I called so I think I’ll call him tomorrow and see if he’s coming to visit this weekend.


Because of the rain today we lost our hour of yard time and yesterday was the day where, for whatever reason, they flip our schedule half-way through the day so not only did we have 3 early lockup nights in a row but we also only got 2 hours of day-room yesterday. Basically last week reeeeeaaaaalllly sucked as far as time out of our cell is concerned. I hope this week is better but it started off with losing our hour of yard today so not a great beginning. All that time in my cell did give me time to finish Ender’s Game, which I would never have read on the streets because of the author’s Mormon homophobia but it was on the day-room bookshelf and I didn’t pay for it so it passed some time. The ending was sort of a weird Dune-esque rip off I think. Now I’m reading The Burning by Frank Norwood, which seems to be the story of 4 characters caught up in the Watts riots (I think) in LA. Some of the characters are painfully racist but I guess that was part of what caused the riots, right? We’ll see how it ends. I also saved a book today from being used as one of the day-room restrooms’ “occupied” markers. They had The Hunchback of Notre Dame as a toilet sign. *sigh* Since I have never read it I replaced it with some pulp fiction trash novel and took it to my cell. *smile* That will keep me occupied until I can go to the library next month (yeah, we get to go to the library only once a month) and then I can look for Don Quiote. I decided I wanted to read it since 2016 is the 400th anniversary of its publication. I’ll also check out what other classics they might have. If I’m locked up and can’t exercise my body at least my mind won’t atrophy. *chuckle*