Happy Friday the 13th. 🙂


It’s actually been a good day so far. I just got back from my first regular visit (as opposed to a “special visit” prior to their approval), with mom, dad and McK. At first we were the only ones in the visiting room so it was nice and quiet. McK sat on my right, mom on my left (holding each of their hands) and dad sat across from us. That worked OK till another inmate had a visit because then it got to loud for dad to hear so eventually he had to move and sit beside mom (McK and her had switched sides by then). Then the problem was that to talk to dad I had to talk through mom. With 4 people it would be even worse but we may see how that goes next weekend since we’re planning a Sunday visit so Justin can come too. I can only imagine how noisy it will be on a Sunday morning when the room is full of people. I think they need some sound baffling. *sigh*


And some heat! Dad wore a thick flannel shirt and he was OK but mom’s neck was cold because she wasn’t wearing a collared shirt and McK had not worn sufficiently warm clothing either. I guess I’m getting used to being ice cold all the time but they aren’t. I tried to warn everyone that it would be cold. I even told McK yesterday on the phone to dress warmly but no one seems to understand until they’re here. McK even called it inhumane to have the temp so low. Well, I’ve experienced a lot less humane treatment than just being constantly cold. LOL


Aside from the cold, it was a great start to my Friday. I got to hug and kiss mom AND McK. I wasn’t expecting an objection to that. And I held his hand through most of the visit but after a while of holding his hand, resting on his leg, he took his hand away and I left my hand there…on his leg and it wasn’t long before the pass clerk came in and told me I could only hold hands and if I did anything else again our visit would be terminated. It took me a moment to realize that I was resting my hand on his leg without holding hands. After that McK wouldn’t even rest his hand on his leg while we held hands. *sigh*


It was a great visit though. I really missed seeing McK’s smile and it was nice to see mom and dad together. We’ll see how it goes next weekend on Sunday with 4 people including Justin.




This week we lost time out of our cells every day. Monday we lost gym and evening day-room and even had to eat in our cells because of the tornado warning. Tuesday we lost morning day-room, when I like to shower, due to maintenance working on plumbing. Wednesday we lost our hour and a half of evening day-room because someone in a medical holding cell flooded their cell and it leaked through our day-room ceiling. Thursday maintenance came to replace lights in the day-room that were burned out by the water so we lost day-room time. Tonight we lost nearly all of our 1.5 hours of evening day-room to receive canteen. At least I had a good visit, though I missed going outside to yard for that too. Add to that the face that we never get out right when we are supposed to so we always loose 5-15 in of every hour out of our cells and we don’t get much time out in D&E to begin with. 🙁


Yesterday the 2 guys in cell 1, Marshal and Swanson, were both taken out for transport to Tecumseh. They both had considerable sentences so were classified as max security but the interesting thing is that they had both arrived here together just a couple days shy of 2 months ago. They were here under 60 days and got transferred to their permanent prison but my cellie, who is also max, has been here 5 going on 6 months now. I thought it would be a straight waiting list with the name at the top being the first to fill an available bed somewhere but if that was the case wouldn’t Jacobs have been taken first? Obviously I’m not aware of all the factors…which irritates me because it makes it hard for me to predict how long I’ll be here. I guess expect 6-9 months and be happy if it is less. *chuckle*


Yesterday was also interesting because Dennis, and several others from our housing unit, went to get baptized. I guess there are quite a few new converts in prison, akin to foxhole believers I guess. LOL If you’re trying to “save souls” this would be a good place to go looking I suppose, a bunch of depressed people desperate for meaning in their lives and for someone to forgive them if they just believe hard enough. I guess Dan Barker’s Godless has made me a bit less tolerant of those who buy into superstition and those who peddle it. They may have the best of intentions, but so did the Medieval barbers who bled people with leeches to cure their imbalanced humors…but rather than helping anyone they were actually doing harm. At least I haven’t encountered the born again zealot inmates who are self-appointed preachers because those are the ones that tend to get judgmental and in your face about their beliefs. Can’t we all just value each other because we’re all human and revel in our differences? Isn’t a diamond more beautiful and scintillating the more facets it has?