Today was a very productive day for me. I transcribed 12.5 pages of my previous journal entries this morning and have learned approximately how long an email can be before I hit the 2500 character limit. I was furiously typing away to finish transcribing between our early lunch at 11:30 and the 2:15 day-room. I have noticed that with this keyboard I do end up with quite a few typos so I have to reread the emails after transcribing them to edit out errors but even then I did over 12 page in 3 hours, page every 15 minutes isn’t bad at all I’d say. It is a bit hard on my back as I’m not exactly sitting in the most ergonomically designed office chair. LOL So I promptly did 30 min of yoga afterwards. *smile*


I got the two books that mom sent in to me, The Revenant and the second book in The Magician’s series. Now I have too much to do, transcribe journals or read…and I still have to finish a Scientific American issue that Jackson lent me. Listen to me complaining that I don’t have enough time. HAHAHA.


I prioritized tonight and decided to finish the magazine first since it isn’t mine so I read several articles in the SA. One in particular was very interesting titled Brain Drain. It explained the discovery of the glymphatic system, the lymphatic system for the brain, which helps remove waste material from brain cells, including amyloid plague, the build up of which is tied to dementia and Alzheimer’s. The glymphatic system is far more efficient when we sleep too. The implication of the article is that regular good sleep could help prevent dementia by cleaning out the brain. So sleep well or take sleep aids like melatonin if you can’t.

It’s interesting how much I enjoy reading but in the “real world” I never seemed to find time to read because there were so many distractions. There’s not that much to distract me in here…except writing journal entries and long emails. *grin*


I think I should spend some time in my journal introducing the other people that are on A side of housing unit 1 so when I mention someone there will be some context. Tomorrow I’ll start with cell 1.


For now I’m going to clean out my brain. Good night. 😉