Another freezing day. The only time I warmed up was the 45 minutes we got to get out to yard…where it as 65 degrees and sunny, and that was warm. Every surface in here is cold: cinder block walls that leach the heat out of you if you lean against them, metal tables and stools that drain the heat from you as you eat or sin and write (like now), even the toilets which are metal to start off and of course you have to almost continuously flush them while on them to keep the odor under control but each flush chills the seat more and quite literally sucks the heat out of your ass. LOL I can’t wait for it to heat up outside to at least warrant running the AC full blast 24/7.


At yard I had a chat with Marshal (Brian Marshal), a white guy about my age who is in for a sex-offense too and has a longer sentence than me. He seemed down so I asked what was up. He had written a letter to his girlfriend whom he thought had wanted to stay in touch but she wrote the warden to say not to allow him to contact her anymore and he got reprimanded. So he is depressed to have lost the relationship. Plus he’s not very close to his parents or siblings so he has very little support. And he’s trying to wrap his mind around what to do with all the time he’ll have in here. I can totally relate to that last part. So we talked about working out to improve our physical fitness. I’ve given him some ideas on yoga stretches since he has a bad lower back too. Then we talked about reading lots to improve our intellectual state. Find a topic of interest and study it. We even talked about working on emotional health through meditation and such. I suggested what I dd when I was pretty depressed one day: Make a list of things you are grateful for. It sounds cheesy but it helps though he had a hard time not coming up with sarcastic things like “free meals.” Sarcasm sort of defeats the purpose of the exercise. *shakes his head*


I spoke to mom and dad on the phone tonight. No McK or Justin but Pat an Bill (Ramsay) were there. It was good to hear their voices. I miss the Friday night dinners out with them. Mom and dad made it home with their new motor-home. There goes my inheritance. LOL