It has been fucking FREEZING all day today. They had turned the AC on when it started to get into the 70s outside but today it was wet with a high around 50 but the AC was still on in here. I wore my tee shirt, shirt, sweatshirt AND my coat…while inside! I even wore the stocking cap we have. *brrr* Of course when we go to dayroom we’re not allowed to wear the coat and cap which made me almost not leave the cell. I hope it warms up outside soon because I’m positive they’re not turning off the AC.


I’ve also been having some difficulties with their menu this past week. They’ve served goulash, spaghetti, biscuits and gravy and bread with virtually every meal. I’ve been doing my best to avoid the most glutinous dishes but that often means I don’t eat much. For instance, for dinner tonight I had a hamburger patty (no bun), coleslaw and an orange. Luckily, I have peanut butter off of canteen so I’m not starving but I’ll soon burn out on peanut butter if I have to eat a spoon of it after every meal (yes, Justin, it is possible to burn out on PB. LOL).