Aww! It rained this morning so no yard, no taiji. *pout* Jacobs, who sleeps virtually all day, was happy because he wasn’t forced to go out to yard. LOL The up-side was that when we got to dayroom everyone else was groggy and slow so not only did I get the first 3 spots in line for the shower for me, Jeff and Dennis but I ALSO got the broom and mop before anyone else so I was able to change to fresh water since I had the shower reserved. Within 15 minutes of the door popping I had showered and Dennis and Jeff had swept and mopped the cell. A good start to the day. *smile* And now we get to sit around and be bored. *chuckle*


Yesterday Jackson in 24 was taken out while we were at yard and he wasn’t back by dinner or lockdown and nobody knew why. His cellie is “teen wolf” (Michael), a kind of socially awkward kid who wrote a kite on Walter Love, a jovial black guy about my age, and got Walter rolled up and sent to another housing unit. Apparently teen wolf (he’s called that because he claims to be a werewolf. LOL) had borrowed stuff from Walter and wasn’t getting anything to pay him back, then Walter, again supposedly, started demanding “favors” of the sexual variety. Teen wolf got scared and wrote a kite and got him in trouble and moved (a good way to get out of debt I guess) so everyone in the unit wasn’t to happy with teen wolf and now his cellie disappeared. Everyone was beginning to suspect he had written a kite on Jackson and got him rolled up too. Since Jackson, a 23 year old former History teacher, is just about the most liked guy on the unit people were starting to get upset with teen wolf. Lucky for him Jackson was back this morning. They had taken him out for a random urine analysis (UA) and he had peed to clear so they held him in medical till he could pee more “heavily.” Hahaha The unfunny part was that they give you 5 hrs to pee and if you don’t (or can’t) it’s an automatic write up for refusing a UA. Sheees. I guess he was able to pee satisfactorily around 12:30AM with a 1AM deadline.


-break for lunch-


Our regular morning CO, Jackman, was replaced by an older, squat, female CO with straight mousey grey/brown hair who is a total power tripping _____. She was yelling at everyone to be sure to close their doors when they came out for lunch and yelled at cell 1 for leaving their door open, but the last guy hadn’t come out yet. She got on several people for not having their shirts tucked in (ok, she’s not the only one who trips on that) but then she went over to the Hispanic table and took one of the guy’s cup because it had “El Lobo” written on it. She claimed it was gang related graffiti but it is just the nickname he uses because there are a lot of Martinezs in here. Back in the cell Jeff commented that he wanted to jokingly say “That’s the kind of attitude that gets a guard jumped.” And when they’d react he’d say “What, too soon?” I’m glad he didn’t say anything in front of the raving _____ of a CO because I would have lost a cellie when they took him to ad seg (administrative segregation, the hole) for threatening a CO. Dennis said the CO told Mike (aka Colorado) that her son was in prison in Colorado for a DUI for 23 months on a first charge. We all wanted to say that we hoped he had nicer CO’s than her. *chuckle*




It was a pretty good day today. I started reading The Reverent, the book that the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio is based on, and got halfway through. The great thing about reading a good book is it takes you out of where you are which is a very good thing when where you are is prison, in a 2 man cell with 4 men in it. *smile* since I’m reading Jeff’s book he borrowed The Magicians and we enjoy comparing notes on each others reading. As Jeff read The Reverent we kept comparing details and scenes between the book and the movie. There was some serious re-writing of the story to make the screen play but both are pretty good.


Since we didn’t have yard I practiced tiaji in the gym this evening. One of the weight machines was moved to a slightly new spot which made enough open space for me to do even the long form. *big smile* Tyler, a 20-something nice guy with long hair in a big bushy ponytail, was “exercising” near m at the end and commented that I put more energy into it tonight which I had. I told him you practice slowly to perfect the form but if feels good to express the energy sometimes. The first day I did taiji on the yard he had asked me how he could use his body weight more effectively and since he showed an interest again I explained to him about powering everything from the dan tien (sp?) and he appreciated the advice though without practice he won’t really grasp the principle. *chuckle*


I called my parents tonight and got to speak to McK for a good portion of the call. Damn I miss him, but it made me smile to hear his voice. *smile*