This morning I got called to classification to see my case manager. He was a friendly enough, middle aged man who had once been a CO but was now too old and had too much of a gut to be a guard anymore I guess. Chulufas is his name. He showed me the program recommendations from the SCORT (the sex-offender screening committee), none so far, and from the substance abuse counselor, who recommended out-patient therapy which is crazy. We talked about getting a job where ever I’m sent then he got down to my custody classification, which I already knew. My “points” are at 33 which would place me in community corrections/work release but because of the length of my sentence I am over-ridden to maximum custody. Then came the important thing: which prisons was he recommending for me to be sent to. He rattled off the list: NSP, LCC and then Tecumseh. Unfortunately, I get the impression that it really boils down to where the first maximum custody bed opens up when I get to the top of the looooong waiting list. He told me I’d be here a long time before they placed me, but no specific time frame of course. That’s the last of the interviews here in D&E. I’m officially done now, I just need to wait for a bed to open up somewhere.




Had a nice chat with mom, dad, Mck and Justin tonight. Justin’s doing well at his new job. Mom and dad are buying a new motor home. McK was mostly silent. I told them about my classification today. That by points I’m the lowest custody level, community, but because of the length of my sentence I’m over-ridden to max. Also, that he recommended NSP, then LCC and then Tecumseh.. Oh, and that the substance abuse counselor recommended me for out-patient substance abuse treatment. LOL! Really? It could break up the inevitable monotony but as I told the case manager, it’s a waste of their resources.


This evening I also got my first issue of The Economist so I spent the evening reading that…and finished all the articles that I wanted to read in this issue. I think it will normally take longer, depending on the articles. My cellie Jeff is checking it out now and tomorrow (or whenever he’s done with it) I’ll see if anyone else is interested.