Well Jeff got more visitor approvals today but I didn’t. That means mom won’t get to visit this coming Friday. I guess the Pass Clerk who approves them only works a few days a week so that’s why it takes over a month to get approved. I wonder when McK sent his in. I would really like to see him soon.


Tonight I called Roz and Gary was there so I got to hear from both of them. *smile* I didn’t get to hear much about what’s going on with them because I spent most of the call explaining how things are here in D&E, that I’m safe here a least and that I’ll likely be here at least 6 months. It sounded like it was hard for Gary to talk to me because he was kind of sad. I think Roz was happy that I am still keeping an upbeat attitude. I won’t let prison change me. *wink*


Tonight I took a chair from our room to go watch TV with Jacobs & Dennis but it was kind of crowded with empty chairs so we moved one over enough to make room for my chair next to theirs. 15 min. later RJ (the one who had grilled me about being in San Quentin) came up and got all “butt hurt” (prison slang for upset) that his chair had been moved 1-2 feet and he stormed off in a huff. Since the show was really stupid (some prank/content show) I just took my chair and went to go write an email to McK. After 10-15 min of typing I barely had 1 paragraph (that’s how bad the touch screen keyboard is) and RJ came down to say I didn’t have to leave. He felt guilty about getting upset at me but also wanted to warn me that I should be more careful in prison. He’s a little slow mentally speaking (something about getting shot and being in a coma for 2 years) but he’s a genuine guy. I told him it was OK, I needed to write this email anyway. We fist bumped to say its all cool and he went back to the TV and the second I returned to the kiosk the damn thing logged me out and of course it doesn’t save a draft so I had to retype the whole thing from scratch again. Afterwards I went to a more quiet (if not private) corner of the dayroom right by the door to the yard and I resumed reading The Magicians (a crazy but good book) and RJ came to talk to me again.


I think he kind of likes or respects me and wanted to make sure we were cool and to reiterate his point that I’ll have to be careful outside of D&E. I thanked him for the advice again but then he sat there so I couldn’t read without being rude so we talked more. He told me about this guy in county he had a conflict with that he had to beat up. If he wasn’t a simple guy who is very direct it could have been taken as a vailed threat but I knew it wasn’t. I think towards the end he realized it could be taken as a threat and we switched topics. LOL I asked where he’d done time in CA and he rattled off a long list including Pelican Bay. That’s the Super Max prison in CA, like the inmates get served meals in their cells because the population is so violent there would be killings at chow. I wonder what the fuck he had to do to get sent there. Sheeees. Then he gave me more advice: To stop doing taiji on the yard. It will draw attention and people will make fun of me he said. I said I didn’t care what they thought but I wasn’t giving up taiji. I need it to keep sane and calm. we ended with him warning me, with genuine concern, that I would more than likely get in a fight some time during my time and that win or loose I should not say anything to the guards. Again I thanked him for his advice and told him it was my plan to make it through without a single fight. He’s not the smartest guy but he’s genuine and kind of sensitive. I could see pain in his face when we talked about Pelican Bay and I can tell he’s been made fun of for his mental capacity and learned to react physically. For him it would be hard to get through prison without a fight but I don’t think that applies to me (or at least I hope not *smile*).