Today was a good day. Yesterday dad told me that Stu, my lawyer, was going to come see me. He needed me to sign the bond over to him so he would get paid. I got to try out the razors that I purchased off canteen and didn’t lacerate my face. After showering I changed into my last clean tee shirt and pair of socks and was ready with a list of questions for him. He came about 1 o’clock and a guard (whom I swear was gay) took me up to visiting and did the strip search. LOL Since it wasn’t regular visiting hours it was just us and we got to use one of the more private rooms at the back of the visiting room. Stu started off with a discussion of the appeal but I asked to get the bond signed over and out of the way. Then we discussed the prospects for an appeal and he made it clear that to say the chances are slim would be to overstate the odds. Bad news. Then we discussed whether Arterburn had added the Lifetime Supervised Offender (LSO) enhancement to my sentence and Stu said he saw no indication of it. that was good news. I’ll serve 14 year but I’ll be fucking done at 63! He had spoken to the lawyer for parole and she confirmed it needed to be added as an enhancement by the judge since the NE Supreme Court determination. She also said they wouldn’t allow someone on LSO status to move out of the country, which of course is begging for litigation…but it won’t be me since I’m not LSO. Woohoo! Stu still hadn’t contacted the Lincoln police to get my property back but he said he would. Stu’s final comment was that he was surprised at how well I was handling the greater sentence and I told him it wasn’t like I had much choice. When I asked him earlier what had caused Arterbun to change the sentence he repeated that Arterburn used to prosecute sex-offenses and was probably the worst judge in NE that I could have had (that last part he never said before) and that the graphic nature of the chats which he probably just re-read before sentencing had been the likely cause of his change of heart. Oh well, at least he forgot to add LSO so sometime in the future I’ll be a “free” man again. *sigh*


I forgot to ask Stu about “intent” and my plea deal. He made it very clear we could not argue no intent to attempt to make actual contact with the kid because the law didn’t require intent. But when the DA spoke at my sentencing she expressly told the judge to not let me claim no intent because intent as inherent in the charge I plead to. So which is it? I need to ask Stu about that.


And tonight I got my laundry situation worked out and got more clothing issued. Hopefully they stop losing my laundry bags now too.