Today I was a little off, a little depressed. I’m not sure why…other than I’m in prison. *sigh* I got to listen to Radio Lab on NPR which cheered me up some. I tried calling Roz several times and eventually figured out I had flipped 2 numbers so the number I got approved wasn’t hers. *grrrr* At least I had some Peanut Butter Cups to console myself with. LOL


At lunch we had chocolate cake and Zach asked if I wanted mine. I paused and he thought I was planning on eating it so he offered a pop token (yeah, we have a soda machine in here, definitely better than San Quentin). Well, once he offered a token I wasn’t going to say no so I made the trade. When I got back to my cell my cellies, especially Jeff, made me feel guilty for taking it because I wasn’t going to eat the cake anyway. Yeah, but he’s the one who offered something rather than waiting to hear if I wanted to just give it to him or not. Anyway, I think I’ll get a soda for lunch tomorrow and share it with him because apparently it wasn’t a very good cake to boot. LOL


I did write 5 letters today and sent them out with visiting forms. I’m not sure how many people are really up for visiting me in prison but if I don’t give them the option they can’t say yes. *smile*


The temperature outside hit 70 degrees and someone decided to turn on the AC so it’s been really chilly all day today inside. And of course if you lean up against a cement wall or sit on a steel seat around the tables in the day-room it saps whatever heat you have right out of your body. Oh and we can’t wear the coat they gave us inside. What we went to the gym it was warmer, even in the halls between the units so it seems someone is purposefully freezing the sex-offender housing unit. *sigh*