Today wasn’t a great day. Once every week we have a day with no gym time. That was today. Plus there as an emergency count during our yard time so we didn’t get outside. And it was a short day-room day so we only had 3 hours out of our cells other than meals and I didn’t get to do taiji. Luckily, I had a book to read and Jeff got a couple of magazines from someone so I wasn’t climbing the walls.


The emergency count was because they had misplaced a guy on B side. There was a fight in cell 13 and that shortened one of our day-room periods by a bit. They moved one of the guys to unit 2 where he lasted for almost 1 hr before he had to “roll up” and ask the guards to get him out of there. So of course they brought him back here on B side again but apparently unit 2 still had him on their count so they had to do an emergency count to get their ducks in a row. I’d laugh except that we lost yard over it.


I got 4 emails today but without a keyboard I’m still limited in how much I can write. I also sent a “kite” (or note) to the guy in charge of the kiosks because of the poor UI/UX (user interface/user experience). I had received an email from dad about his discussion of appeals options with the lawyer Jeff recommended, Bob Crieger. It was probably the most important email I’ve received so far and when I went to hit reply the imprecise touchscreen hit the delete button which was right next to it and the email vanished. No confirmation request, no trash folder to search, it was just gone. Luckily, I had read it all but I’d like to have kept it to refer to in the future. *sigh* I suggested 3 UI/UX improvement in my kite:

  1. Move the reply and delete buttons apart.
  2. Ask to confirm a permanent delete.
  3. Move deleted items to a trash folder where items are kept for a while before they are deleted.

We’ll see if I get any kind of response. LOL!


Oh, this morning the short young Latino kid who had been regularly hitting on me (Joker) was transferred to county jail in North Platte, where they house overflow from prisons. I had told my cellie Jacobs, who eats at the Latino table, to tell Joker I was already dating someone and a top anyway but he kept flirting. When he got moved I told my cellies “See, I’ve got pull. Don’t mess with me!” LOL. Joker was a nice enough kid with a huge smile though.