Space…that’s the biggest issue with doing taiji in D&E. The gym is big but all the space is taken up by handball, basketball or weight machines. I was able to do the short form once tonight because I was the first to the gym and took some of the weight lifter’s space but after one rep and their laughing I gave them the space back. And there wasn’t enough room to do the long form really. There’s room out on the yard but then the other unit’s yard can see and they’ll hoot and holler, causing a possible conflict between yards and drawing the attention of the guards, giving them a reason to stop me from practicing. I don’t think it will be this difficult to find space at my assigned prison.


They must have rebooted the kiosk today because both are working again. That’s good because a bottle neck like that is a flash point for conflict. They still need to seriously improve the functioning of the touchscreens because it takes forever to type an email of just 3-4 sentences. At last I can afford to get the MP4 player and keyboard. I just hope it doesn’t take a month or more to get. Plus, those who got their’s last week, like Jeff, still can’t purchase music yet because it won’t sync the music catalog.


So I had a real belly laugh over the weekend. We were out at day-room and the CO came out of the bubble with a big rubber mallet. One of the guys at the table I was sitting at started a conversation with him so I asked what the mallet was for. He said he had to go from cell to cell checking the walls to make sure no one was trying to tunnel through the walls. I literally LOLed! Hahaha.


-break for shower-


Brrr! One of the comforts of home I most miss is a nice warm shower, and I don’t need it hot, just warm. McK can attest too my not needing hot showers. LOL Even with the nozel that I made the water is pretty chilly. *pout* At least I’m not taking a shower with 50 other guys in an open shower with maybe 10 shower heads, having to get wet and step out to lather up while another guy gets wet and trading off to rinse like I had to in San Quentin.


So I’ve been here a week now and I think I’m doing OK at managing my gluten intolerance. I give away any bread and cake, like this morning I gave away all the pancakes for breakfast but dinner was chili-mac and I had to eat the noodles or skip the main meal. That’s the case with at least 1 meal a day.