I slept soundly for the first time last night and woke up in a good mood this morning. 🙂 At breakfast I even noticed the sunrise colors reflecting off the wispy clouds making a beautiful pattern of shades of pink and orange on shades of blue. I pointed this out to my table mates and one called Mike (Colorado is his nickname) said “Man you’re gay.” *chuckle*


Unit 1 has an A and a B side and both sides can’t be out at the same time mostly because B side (I’m on A side) has lots of psyc problems or are nearly PC (protective custody). All the other units get more time in the day-room (or more importantly, more time out of your cell) so I’m locked down more being in unit 1 but it’s worth it to not deal with all the possible risks and threat in the other units. I’ll still have to deal with that when I get assigned to a permanent prison.


Though there is always some level of drama, even in here, like last night. In the middle of the night Chris, the drag queen, as hauled out around 2AM or “manufacturing weapons” because he was dismantling the springs from under the added bunk beds (the original bunk are just solid metal plates) and throwing the parts under the cell door. Why? Well, I guess we can all ask why we’re in here in the first place. It wasn’t for showing the best of judgment. :/ But Chris is now in unit 6 and I’m sure he’s not happy about it. The CO tonight said he looked quite out of place, like a scared rabbit amongst wolves, and after a while they’ll probably move him back here, but his old cellies said he was banned from here now that he’s been written up. I hope he learned his lesson.


At yard this morning I was walking and talking to Dennis when RJ, a slightly slow guy who keeps offering to buy my watch, came up and interrupted us with “I heard you did time in San Quentin. What cell block were you in?” For the life of me I couldn’t remember its name. I guess I’ve tried to forget that time as much as possible. He was testing me to see if I had really been there because he had and others had lied about being there in the past. Once I mentioned the murals in the chow hall he believed me though. Funny what people get uptight about in here. *rolls his eyes*