Well I’m in D&E now. I’m in housing unit 1 which is sort of the PC/Sex Offender unit so it seems pretty laid back.


Before I go into D&E let me finish describing the Sarpy Co. experience. I had just finished explaining that I was sleeping in a “boat” on the day-room floor rather than in a cell. Aside from the lack of privacy and 24 hours of lights on there were a couple other major drawbacks to it. Every cells has its own toilet so there is no common toilet which meant that anyone in a boat had to use the toilet of someone in a cell. I guess the guards had designated A-4 as the cell to remain unlocked all night for us to use. A-4 is the cell I was in a year ago when I was arrested. A young kid name Kyle was in it now and he, like everyone else in Max2 was very friendly. When I was just settling in he even offered a couple automotive magazines for me to read because he was quite a gear head.


Since I had been in Sarpy a year ago I had credits on a phone account for calls so I immediately called my parents. It was so good to hear their voices though I could tell even my dad was on the verge of tears. I told them I’d be transferred either Tuesday or Wednesday to D&E and that I was shocked a Arterburn’s nearly doubling of my sentence. Mom thought that he had suckered me into taking the plea with a low ball number while fully intending to hit me with a much higher number. I tend to agree but judicial bait and switch isn’t a legal or ethical violation. I guess Stu told my parents after court that it is possible to appeal but there is virtually no chance of success, which he had told me before too. I told them the unit seemed much friendlier this time but besides that there really wasn’t much to say.


Once I hung up with them I tried calling McK, no answer, Justin, no answer, then Roz, no answer. It was the middle of the afternoon so I figured everyone was busy with their day. When I got off the phone the older of the 2 black guys in the unit, named JT, came into the corner pod where the phone was and introduced himself to me then proceeded to explain how everyone in the unit was an SO or at least cool with it and he asked how my sentencing went. I explained the bait and switch and how to calculate dates on a charge with a mandatory minimum and he was so impressed he asked if I’d share what I knew with the whole day-room especially since one guy there was soon to be sentenced by Arterburn. Since he was so open about how everyone in the unit was OK with it I followed him into the day-room, he got everyone’s attention and then I told them my experience with Arterburn and what I knew of date calculations. A very lively discussion ensued. LOL! I have to say it was quite a relief from what I had expected based off my experience year ago where the other guys in the unit left the daily newspaper open to the article about my arrest with my picture right on the day-room table in front of my cell.